Monday, June 30, 2014

A wet, cold, rainy, soggy but good week!

Sometimes I don't know why I'm so happy...haha I mean. I'm tired all the time and especially this week we were wet every day and I get up so early but still, every day, I'm happy! :) I know its because I'm doing the work of the Lord.

Well as the title shows, this week was a wet one! It started raining on Tuesday and didn't stop until Saturday! It was the pits especially for Missionary work. NO ONE leaves their house when its cold and especially when its cold and rainy. So we didn't have too many lessons but we still saw miracles! WE started teaching one of Mirian's daughters! Fatima is her name and she is 18. Shes super fun and funny. But she is way interested in learning and getting baptized, We ended up staying a long time in their house this week because we had no where else to go! I taught Fatima how to do pushups and sit ups! haha it was fun. But then she came to church with her mom and Eduardo and Dahiana (her sister who we've taught before) came as well! She was saying that she doesn't want to get baptized and stuff like that but after church she came up to me and told me that she wanted to be baptized!!!! SO well see what happens with that! Fatima is planned for the 19th of July and Dahiana's the 12th! 
We also taught a sister of a member and shes SUPER quiet but every time we visit shes more and more open with us! She also came to church and really liked it! :) 3 people in church even after a real slow week!!
One embarrassing thing that happened this week with the rain is that we were walking in the street and had to cross. But the fact that there was a HUGE river in the street was makin it a liiil harder for us. So I decided that I would use my ditch jumping skills and jump right over that river. So I was gettin all ready, hiked my skirt up, stepped back to get a good running start and then...I saw that there was a guy on the other side of the street on his porch....that had been there the whole time..yeah, I walked away with my head hung down in shame...hahaha but it was sure funny! 
Well a big problem with rain here is that it dominates the houses! As you can see on the picture our room. Humidity is making our walls black...its real cute! But the owner of the house said that shes gonna have someone come in and paint it! And we woke up this morning to the paint on our ceiling falling down..haha oh the problems we face as missionaries in Paraguay. :)
I found a quote today from the talk that President Monson gave in this past conference! It says that that saddest words that can ever be said are it could have been. So my word to the wise this week is to do everything in your lives so that you wont ever have to say that phrase! I love you guys tons!! Have an awesome week!
Hermana McIntyre
P.S. the other pic is of all the food that we were given in 2 hours one day! yeah...haha

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