Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Week Down!

From my district activity. I love them!! They are awesome!
Well I can't believe it but tomorrow is April! Isn't that nuts! Time is flying and getin away from me! I am in the middle of this transfer with Hermana Kekoolani and it has gone by so fast! She is way awesome and we are getting along really well! Every day is n adventure with her cuz I never know whats going to happen! But I was able to see lots of miracles this week which were really needed! I had an interview with President Agazzani and it went very well. It was just a check up interview that happens every 3 months. He told me that my Spanish is almost perfect! Isn't that so awesome! Its still so weird to me that I can speak Spanish fluently. After 6 months I still cant believe it. It is for sure a blessing of the Lord. Pres told me that I'm doing really well and that he knows that in this area I am going to have a lot more success than I did in Lambare. (he knows its a hard area as well..) Well I left a lot more excited to go to work and that night we found Maria. She is so awesome. WE taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was so excited to read it! Then we found this little boy named Pablo and he has everything he needs to be baptized besides being baptized..haha but the problem is that we are waiting to find out if he can be an investigator or if he is a convert for the ward because hes 8 and his dad is a member but passed away but his mom is not a member. And the rule is that if one parent is a member the person isn't an investigator until they are 9. So we are waiting to find out the answer! But yeah, this week was much better and I am excited to see what the next week holds!
My knee is, sadly, getting worse. And the other knee is starting to hurt pretty bad as stinks. This area is super hard on my knees because its all hills. But I will have an appointment this week to see a new doctor to see whats up and how he can make it better! I really hope he can figure it out! 
In our apartment we have something living inside...haha the other day we came home and the trash was on the other side of the room. And another time when we put meat in the trash the next morning the meat was all of the floor. Nasty right? Wish us luck! haha its just part of the beauty of living in a 3rd world country.
The weather is cooling down a lot but it has been pouring! Its kinda awesome but makes the work hard cuz no one wants to open their doors...lame.
I love you all so much and am glad that the reunion went so well! Have an awesome week and don't forget that I miss you all TONS! :)
Con Amor
HErmana McIntyre (or mackchutepee as one child said..hahaha)
Alma 30:39-44 God exists

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Cold is Setting In!!

Its finally cooling down here in Paraguay and man do I love it!!!!!! But the bad thing is that I'm already cold at night and that's a bad sign cuz the freezing hasn't even started yet. Its still hot during the day when the suns out but when the sun isn't shining its chilly and I love it so much!
This area is pretty much the same as my other one. Not very many people are humble so its hard to enter into houses because everyone is so busy and rich..but we keep looking everyday for the people that the Lord is preparing for us. We do have one that is awesome though! Her name is Mirium and she is with a member that isn't active. They aren't married and she has 4 kids. We talked to her and have a couple lessons and she wants to get baptized really bad. The thing that is stopping her is that she needs to get married first. She told us that she would love to get married but its up to her husband. So we have a lesson with her tonight and well find out what he said! I really hope that they can get married so that she can be baptized. She is so nice and awesome! We have some others as well ( one that gives us free food as well!) but they aren't progressing much..Its kinds hard but I know that this is the Lords will and that I just have to depend on Him.
This week we got to listen to Elder Vinas from the 70 and he talked a lot of the Atonement of Christ and how it helps us be better missionaries. It was really awesome and I left with my spirits high! :) I love Zone Conferences and other special meeting that we have! I always learn so much and can feel the spirit so strongly. 
I officially have the name of Hermana Macintosh here...haha one of the counselors gave me the nickname. So on Sunday when the bishop wanted to announce that I was a new missionary in the ward, he could remember my name, so his counselor told him Macintosh...yeah, :) its better than the other missionary or Hermana difficult..Ill take it!
Well thats all I have for this week! I hope you all have a great time in the Family Reuinion! I wish I could be there to spend some time with you all! 
Rohayhu! (Guarani for I love you :)

The photo is of me and Hermana Kekoolani (who has a year in the mission) one night we played uno and ate popcorn! It was way fun and reminded me of Sunday nights! She is way awesome and we are good friends! The Lord has really blessed me with great companions! :)
The view I have from my new apartment! We have a roof that we can go on and do exercises in the morning! Its awesome!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Man am I one happy missionary! I am finally out of Lambare!! After 6 months of the same streets and houses I was ready for some change and I got it! Well not tons but still! I am now in an area called Sajonia and its only like 30 minutes form my other area but hey! Its all good! Its way chuchi (full of rich people) but theres one up side to that! The streets arent made of rock so I'm thinking itll help me with my knees! But....we have 7 massive hills so...yeah, Ive been praying a lot and taking pain medicine to help me out a little. But I dont want to complain cuz I love this area so far! The members are crazy here but so fun and funny! This ward is much bigger than my other and everyoine is so loving! Especially with the food! We get SO much food!! It's ridiculous! But, I did figure out that Im allergic to choclate. After eating many brownies one day I woke up again with massive lips and an itchy face...haha not very funny but really funny in the same time. So no more chocolate for this girl!
My comp is named Hermana Kekoolani! Finally someone with a hard last name! haha shes from Georgia and shes way cool! Shes talks a lot like me so we get  a long really well! We already are comfortable with each other because thats what usually takes the longest! But hey, Im good with it! The only thing tht wasnt so awesome is that the apartment was really messy when I got there! Food all over the stove with dirty dishes piled up and the floor...yikes. woulda died! haha but that night I cleaned a lil and then today we deap cleaned! woohoo! I feel much better! Now I just gotta unpack and Ill be set to go to work!

I don't know much about the area of the investigators yet but Ill tell you more about them the next week when I know a lil bit more! Thanks for all you guys do and for you love that I can feel alllll the way down here in Paraguay! I love you all TONS! God be with you til we meet again. :)
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre

Monday, March 10, 2014

POR FIN!!! (English: finally :)

Man was this week great!! I am so happy with how this transfer has ended!! I was praying and praying and praying that I could see some miracles this week and I did! This transfer has been really hard on me but I know that everything is on the Lords time and He is in control. We just have to have faith and keep pressing forward! So that's what I did! And what was the result! 5 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!! 5!!! It was a lil stressful to make sure that everyone was comfortable and that they all had a friend but in the end it all turned out great!!
The Cooke Family is doing awesome and they have a date for the 29th of this month to be baptized! They are reading and now assisting and I am sooo happy! Then 2 members both brought 2 people that we have been looking for for months now and I found out that one already had all of his asistencias to church and the other has 2 now! So they can be baptized very soon! 
This week we had dinner with the Cooke family and it was so fun! Shes eaten with kings before so she set up the table so pretty and I loved it all!!! :) They are an amazing family but with lots of hardship in their lives! Please keep them in your prayers! (the picture is us with them)
Shout out to Bentley and Jill!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! :) I love you both tons and hope that this will be the best birthday ever!! :) 
Also this week we had Zone Conference and it was so awesome!!! I always leave to uplifted and ready to work with everything I have! I love this zone so much and if I leave on Wednesday I will for sure miss them! 
So that brings me to the point. Transfers are on Tuesday!! I'm freakin out cuz I have NO idea if I'm gonna leave or stay. I would really like to get to know another part of Paraguay but if the Lord needs me here...well I got no choice! haha Wish me luck and Ill be letting you know next week where I'm at!
Thanks for all of your prayers!! I pray for you all every day and Heavenly Father always lets me know how much I am loved my you all!! Love you tons and have an amazing week!!!!!
Con mucho carino
Hermana McIntyre

Me & Hermana Thacker at Zone Conference. I love her!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Madness.

Me and two little kids in the ward, Brenda and Toby. They are my favorites!
A pink dog I saw on the street. Oh Paraguay!
Can you believe that its March already? Cuz I cant! Time is flying! Also its crazy that this is the last week of training Hermana Rivera! She is really awesome and I will miss her. Im kinda scared to see what changes will bring. I really hope I will be put in a new area but who knows with President Agazzani! And Im hopeing that my next comp will be as awesome as my first two!
Well this week we were able to visit with the Cook Family 2 times. The mom is reading the book of mormon and praying and she said that she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet! Shes doing awesome! Now we just gotta have the girls listen! She is still having tons of problems but is stronger and stronger every day! Please keep this family in your prayers! Thanks a ton!! I know that Heavenly Father listens to each and every one of us!! 
We didnt have anyone in church again...the two daughter of the Cook Family got sick on Saturday...but a good thing is that we had a bunch of less actives! So that made me feel better!
My knee is having problems...again. I went to the doctor and he gave me some powder stuff that is soo nasty that I have to drink every morning for a month and then if its not better in a month I have to get an injection! What is this? haha but I keep walkin and keep praying and I know that what ever the Lords will is will be completed!
We had a ward activity on Saturday and it was a blast! We played games and laughed and sang and had a blast! Tons of people were there and I loved it so much! I really will miss this ward.
Then a funny thing that happened is that we were knocking doors (or clĂ pping) and this dog, who had recently rolled in trash, started follwing us! It smelt SOOO bad! Like dead fish! It remided me of when Shelby would go roll in dead fish and then come back home! Oh nasty! haha but it followed us for like half an hour! haha we failed at contacting because we were laughing so hard! It kept following us until another dog chased it away! I was so grateful!!
The weather is cooling down and I love it! Ive gone 2 days without sweating and its a miracle!! I really hope this keeps up because it is so much better!
Thanks for all the emails! I love you all so much and hope you all enjoy the wedding! Im sad to miss it but I know this is the best thing I can be doing for you guys! Have an awesome week! 
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre