Monday, March 10, 2014

POR FIN!!! (English: finally :)

Man was this week great!! I am so happy with how this transfer has ended!! I was praying and praying and praying that I could see some miracles this week and I did! This transfer has been really hard on me but I know that everything is on the Lords time and He is in control. We just have to have faith and keep pressing forward! So that's what I did! And what was the result! 5 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!! 5!!! It was a lil stressful to make sure that everyone was comfortable and that they all had a friend but in the end it all turned out great!!
The Cooke Family is doing awesome and they have a date for the 29th of this month to be baptized! They are reading and now assisting and I am sooo happy! Then 2 members both brought 2 people that we have been looking for for months now and I found out that one already had all of his asistencias to church and the other has 2 now! So they can be baptized very soon! 
This week we had dinner with the Cooke family and it was so fun! Shes eaten with kings before so she set up the table so pretty and I loved it all!!! :) They are an amazing family but with lots of hardship in their lives! Please keep them in your prayers! (the picture is us with them)
Shout out to Bentley and Jill!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! :) I love you both tons and hope that this will be the best birthday ever!! :) 
Also this week we had Zone Conference and it was so awesome!!! I always leave to uplifted and ready to work with everything I have! I love this zone so much and if I leave on Wednesday I will for sure miss them! 
So that brings me to the point. Transfers are on Tuesday!! I'm freakin out cuz I have NO idea if I'm gonna leave or stay. I would really like to get to know another part of Paraguay but if the Lord needs me here...well I got no choice! haha Wish me luck and Ill be letting you know next week where I'm at!
Thanks for all of your prayers!! I pray for you all every day and Heavenly Father always lets me know how much I am loved my you all!! Love you tons and have an amazing week!!!!!
Con mucho carino
Hermana McIntyre

Me & Hermana Thacker at Zone Conference. I love her!

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