Monday, March 17, 2014


Man am I one happy missionary! I am finally out of Lambare!! After 6 months of the same streets and houses I was ready for some change and I got it! Well not tons but still! I am now in an area called Sajonia and its only like 30 minutes form my other area but hey! Its all good! Its way chuchi (full of rich people) but theres one up side to that! The streets arent made of rock so I'm thinking itll help me with my knees! But....we have 7 massive hills so...yeah, Ive been praying a lot and taking pain medicine to help me out a little. But I dont want to complain cuz I love this area so far! The members are crazy here but so fun and funny! This ward is much bigger than my other and everyoine is so loving! Especially with the food! We get SO much food!! It's ridiculous! But, I did figure out that Im allergic to choclate. After eating many brownies one day I woke up again with massive lips and an itchy face...haha not very funny but really funny in the same time. So no more chocolate for this girl!
My comp is named Hermana Kekoolani! Finally someone with a hard last name! haha shes from Georgia and shes way cool! Shes talks a lot like me so we get  a long really well! We already are comfortable with each other because thats what usually takes the longest! But hey, Im good with it! The only thing tht wasnt so awesome is that the apartment was really messy when I got there! Food all over the stove with dirty dishes piled up and the floor...yikes. woulda died! haha but that night I cleaned a lil and then today we deap cleaned! woohoo! I feel much better! Now I just gotta unpack and Ill be set to go to work!

I don't know much about the area of the investigators yet but Ill tell you more about them the next week when I know a lil bit more! Thanks for all you guys do and for you love that I can feel alllll the way down here in Paraguay! I love you all TONS! God be with you til we meet again. :)
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre

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