Monday, February 24, 2014

This week flew by!!

Well this week was pretty great and flew by!! The week before dragged on for eons but this one sure didn't!! So I only have 2 weeks left in this change and I'm hoping in this area because I have been here all of my mission! Goodness. haha So I'm really hoping I will get the chance to explore another part of Paraguay!! Hermana Rivera is still doing awesome! We are getting to be better friends every day! Its crazy to me that I can understand her! haha I still freak myself out sometimes when I can understand and talk to the people here. My Spanish is basically fluent and I know that this is only possible with the help of the Lord and the gifts of the Spirit!
This week we found a family!! The mom is awesome! She has lived in 28 different counties and grew up in Africa!! How cool is that?? We have a lesson with them tomorrow and they already said that they want to come to church this Sunday!! Woohoo!! She has 2 daughters as well. She also lived in America for 6 years and so she knows all about Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew!! Man, I sure do miss Dr Pepper... But we had to leave 2 of our inv. because they weren't progressing. Its hard to do but you have to if you want to find more people that are more prepared! I really hope that we can find tons of people this week! I know that with faith in Christ, anything is possible!
So...we met this woman this week and she told me something that I never knew before. Woman supposedly can gives blessings....haha she was all upset when we told her that she didn't have the authority to do that but hey! Someones gotta break the news to her!
Its not been too hot, but not as fresh as the week before. But I can tell that winter is working its way in! Wooooohooooo!! I will be happy to see the day when Im not sweating as soon as I step out of the shower. 
I finally received an answer to many prayers! Ive been wanting  to know how to work with the members more here and how to get references from them. Yesterday we were eating with the Prez family and they invited us to their FHE the next Sunday and told us that they are all going to give us people to teach!! So what we are going to do now is visit the members and share a scripture about missionary work and them give them a week to look for references for us! I am excited to try it out this week!!
I hope you all have a fantastic week and keep the work moving forward! :) I love you all with ALL my heart!!! 
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Watch out for Catholic Priests!

  Well I didnt get too many letters from you all this week but I will just tell myself that you were all too excited to write me that you fainted and had to be taken to the hospital! Thank you to the faithful ones! haha Well this week a titch harder...we are struggling so bad with getting people to come to church. They all say that its too hot and that its too far away..yeah. Well I know that everything is on the Lords time and if its their time, He will push them out of their beds and into church. Lorena is SO hard to find. She's studying right now and had tests all this week. Then she was sick this weekend and so she couldnt come to church or the baptism for the other missionaries in our ward. And Arturo was sick also. Its very strange how they all seem to get sick on the same day....but I know that I need to have faith and believe in them! We are trying real hard to find more people that are ready and prepared to listen to us.
  This Saturday was a baptism of a girl named Coral and I was invited to sing I Love to Look for Rainbows! It was way fun and the baptism was awesome. Shes 10 years old and was so excited to be baptized.
  We were invited to a meeting with all of the YM and YW in the ward for missionary work and it was way fun and awesome! They are way awesome and excited about the work!
  Oh..random thought. We were contacting this old man and he started going off about the Catholic Church and how amazing it is and then he paused and said to me, You gotta be careful cuz you look like the Virgen Mary and the priests are gonna snatch you up! hahaha Ive never been told that before but ... thank you..haha Oh the people here are so awesome!
  I GOT ALL OF YOUR LETTERS!!!!!!! And I loved them all!! :) I smiled so big while I was reading them ALL! I love you all so much and THANK YOU!! Even though my district was pretty jealous! :)
  Happy Birthday Dad and Luke!!! Have an amazing week and I will be thinking of you both on your birthday! I love you tons and wish I could be there to celebrate!
  Please keep my investigators in your prayers! They need lots of strength!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre
We bought ourselves a treat for Valentines Day! It was a good day.

All the YM & YW from the ward.

Angelica on splits with us!

Monday, February 10, 2014

A week of burnt lips & keeping the faith.

Well this week was definitely better than the last! And I finally finished Physical Therapy!! Now I just have one more appointment to get another x ray and then the doctor will say if im good to go or not! :) It really feels much better! But then I woke up on Thursday to huge red blistery lips!!! Yeah...not the cutest thing. I was thinkin that I got a sunburn but one of the members told me that I had an internal fever..seriously I have one problem after then next. I take it that great things are in store and that Satan is tryin his best to get me down! But its not gonna work!
This week was great for the work. We are able to teach lots of lessons every day and found 13 new people this week. One including Lorena! She is THE BEST!! Shes 19. One day I had to go to the bathroom soo bad and no body was letting us in their house..I was getting really frustrated. Then someone that we contacted popped into my mind. She lived kinda far away but we decided to head for her house. She wasn't there but her sister was and we just started talking and getting to know her. After it all she told us that she wanted to learn about our church and go to church with us!! We were so excited because we have been having problems with getting people to church. Don't they know that its their salvation on the line?? Well on Sunday as we were walking to her house she called us to tell us that her boss called her in to work and that she couldn't come with us. I was so frustrated!! I know that this is a trial of my faith and that I wont be able to see miracles until AFTER the trial of my faith! So I'm gonna keep pushing strong and wait for the miracle. If you guys could keep Lorena in your prayers that would be awesome!! :)
I gave my first talk here in Paraguay! I was so nervous but I got a lot of compliments so I think that liked it. I talked about the importance of Missionary Work! Who coulda guessed?? haha But really, its SO important. I don't know why I didn't realize it when I was younger. But I sure know it now! 
I love you all so much and pray for you all every day! I am so happy that you received tons of snow and I hope it keeps up! :) Enjoy it!! Have an awesome week and remember that a missionary here in Paraguay loves you tons!!
-Hermana McIntyre

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm alive!!

Okay I'm really sorry for the freak out! I thought I would have time to write you all but the city buses here are not all that reliable and the temple is a lil far away so we only had time to buy food and then jet to our lessons! I'm sorry!! But this week was way good as well as the last! Our investigators aren't progressing so we decided to drop them and find new ones! We visited an old investigator and he wants to come to church again and his aunt is now living with him and she loves the lessons we have with them so far! haha we had a lesson a lesson of the Law of Chastity and she was lovin it! I don't think Ive ever taught someone so excited about the Law of Chastity! haha But...bueno! :)

Today I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!! :) I read it all the way through! Its amazing how fast I have learned Spanish! I can understand the people almost 100 % and I can speak as well and understand the scriptures! I am so grateful for the help of the Lord. :)

OH! Soo last week I was in the hospital for my physical therapy for my knee (which is much better thanks!! ) and then something really weird happened and my mind blanked and my left side went all numb. They took me to the ER and I had to stay in the hospital for a day and night to do studies...yeah..but now I'm great!! Nothins wrong just a freak thing. Kinda funny though! I sure did catch up on my sleep! That's a plus right?

I have been praying and praying and praying for moisture for the farm and mountains so I am so glad to hear that its been snowing!!! :) That's so awesome! Heavenly Father really does know our needs! I read in Helaman 11:13, 17 and thought of you guys! :)

I'm sorry to hear that the super bowl wasn't that exciting..I hope the next one is better and I am sad that I missed the endowment of Jess. That is so great that you guys could be together in the temple and I know that one day we will all be together in the temple one day! :)

I love you guys so much and I hope this letter finds you all super happy! Have an awesome week! Love you tons!!!
Hermana McIntyre

Heres the temple in Paraguay. So pretty!!