Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last Week!

Happy Easter!
After being drenched in the rain!!
Drinking Mate Dulce! SO YUMMY!
 This week flew by and it was the last week before changes! We are really hoping that we can stay for Mirian and to be able to be comps for a little bit more. But we just have to do what the Lord has in store for us and press on. So we find out tomorrow our fate! Well this week was the dreaded Semana Santa or Holy Week...haha its when all the "Catholics" become Catholics. They don't want to listen to anyone unless you're catholic.But we still found Miracles and had a fun week. But we were able to eat a lot of Chipa, Chipa Wasu, and Sopa Paraguaya! Which are the best types of food here!!! SOO good, but really fattening! I will be sure to learn so that I can cook it for you guys! But it was good. Then we had good intentions of dying eggs. We boiled the eggs and everything but then forget to paint them...whoops! But now we have a bunch of boiled eggs that we can eat for breakfast for the least right? haha
So this week was SUPER rainy! It rained almost every day! And the days that it wasn't raining it was SUPER humid. Which means lots of sweating! haha yuck. But that's all good. But on Thursday we were at a members house when a huge rain and lightening storm hit. But we had a dinner appointment that we had to get to so we had to leave and head there. Well we got going and it was pouring. The only things we had to cover us was a little plastic bag...so as we were walking lightening hit a telephone pole right in front of us and sparks went shooting off!! it was so scary! But as we headed on we passed this house with a really slippery drive way. And yes...I fell and brought Hermana Kekoolani down with me..haha it was super funny. We just gave up and sat on the ground and laughed while our plastic bags floated off in the river/road...haha
Okay so my knee. He finally figured out, hopefully, whats wrong. He said that whats happening is that when I bend my knee, my knee caps doesn't stay in place and falls to the side and that's why it hurts. I have to take pills, powder, do more physical Therapy and got to a gym.. I really hope that this helps me out! If not, I'm just gonna give up and deal with it.
I hope that all of you have a great week with lots of hidden blessings! I love you guys lots! :)
Hermana McIntyre

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference is a missionaries Superbowl!

Wow. That's all Ive got to say. Conference was amazing and the best part was that I got to watch it all in English!!!! That's one of the preps of living in the city! I'm not sure if the next one ill be able to do the same. Conference really is like the super bowl for missionaries but even better cuz we get it twice a year! All of us white kids were in a small room with lots of snacks and treats! haha But yeah. It talked a lot about obedience, the atonement and the second coming so we best get prepared..if ya know what I mean! But it was amazing and I cant wait until the Liahona gets to us so that I can read all of the talks again!
This week we finally had investigators in the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2! One was Jorge who a member brought. So that was a nice surprise and miracle for us! And then Mirian came with her boyfriend! Mirian is progressing like crazy and is getting excited for their WEDDING!!! That's right! They committed to get married. Its a ways off cuz they have to wait for some money to come in so its gonna be on May 24! I'm so stinkin excited as well as Hermana Kekoolani. WE decided that this is a gift from God because we both have to miss weddings of loved ones! :) She even said that we can go dress shopping with her! Woohoo!! 
Did you guys do anything fun for April Fools! Cuz we completely forgot until the morning of so we didn't have time to plan anything funny. Sad huh?
We still haven't caught the mouse that we have in the house but we bought a heavy duty trap that I'm hoping with do the trick cuz I'm starting to have bad dreams about that thing! 
And I went to the doctor this week and he was much nicer than the others. He asked me what was going on and then did some tests on my knee. He then proceeded to say that I need to have an MRI.....yeah. So I have the MRI Thursday and we will finally be able to see whats wrong. Heavenly Father knows whats Hes doing and I have complete faith in him.
I love you all so much and hope that this week is full of happiness and lots of sunshine! (its back to being SUPER hot here again..) 
HErmana McIntyre
P.S. the photo is of Mirian and her boyfriend Eduardo! Doesnt she already look like a member?? :)