Monday, July 28, 2014

Short Week.

Me at physical therapy!

The view from our apartment!

A really big tree in our area!
This week has flown! The work has been short with all the resting but were still staying strong. I really hope we can get going soon so that the people here can get lots of help that this message has to offer.
The stories I have for this week are just kinda random and weird. We spent a lot of time on city buses and walkin around for short periods of time. But one day this week we went to interviews with President that went well (just talking about my health problems) and then on our way back to the house we found with a guy that came on the bus and started rapping! it was so awesome and funny! He started talking about us that we are the sisters of the church of Joseph Smith and that hes also read the Book of Mormon! haha it was so awesome! I turned so red! Then the other time we were on our way back from physical therapy and the bus got SO full and we just happened to be in the front! What is a 20 minute bus ride turned into 1.5 hours!! It was nuts and then to get off the bus we had to squeeze through so many people! We were laughing soo hard and the people were given us weird looks! haha man...good times.
Yesterday a girl from BYU came to church named Mary. Shell be living here for a month. She was so awesome and then offered to come on splits with us! We were walking trying to find some less active members and we found a whole case of pop (not opened) in a trash can! It was so awesome. Well you know my love of pop! me and Hermana Hampton both took one to drink today! haha don't worry! Ill wash it first! Mary thought we were nuts but was laughing really hard!
So sorry that this letter wasn't too spiritual, I promise the next one will be! We can just barely got out cuz my knee hurts to walk and sit so its a problem..but we'll get it figured out!
Thanks for all of the love and prayers! Have an awesome week!!!  Love you all!!
Hermana McIntyre

Monday, July 21, 2014


I got transferred! I am now in a place called Ettiene!! Its so awesome and is soo flat! My other area was a rough one with all of the hills! Man. But I this area so far was well as my comp! Sister Hampton. Shes from Utah! haha we call a lot of attention. 2 blondes. People just aren't used to it! haha but yeah! Shes awesome. I still have been so lucky with my comps and how good they have been to me. :)

I'm still head on in Physical Therapy which is really keepin us back from working...its so hard to just sit in the house. I feel like I'm really holding the work back..but its the will of the Lord right now so I just gotta rely on Him. :) 
We started doing a diet so to start it off well, we bought chocolate and pop! haha no but really! We are doing really well. Hermana Hampton goes home is 2 changes so in mission terms I will kill her(Ill be her last comp) So the 12 week diet has started! its rough but we got it!
This ward is soo much smaller than the other 2 I've been in. There was only 4 people in Relief Society! It was so sad but there are tons of young kids so that's awesome! 
Well we weren't able to do much this week so I don't have much more to say. I love you all tons and hope the best week for you all!! :)
Love lots!
Hermana McIntyre

Monday, July 14, 2014

Down Time.

My district after an activity. They're awesome!
Well...I don't know why my body hates me and doesn't want me to work, but that's what its done! This week started off much better with lots of lessons and people wanting to listen to us! It was awesome!! 
The weather was great and we were on a roll. Then everything changed when I went to physical therapy on Thursday and the doc told me that I should avoid standing and sitting for long periods of time...well and a missionary in a walking mission that's impossible to avoid...So I called the mish presidents wife and she told me that she would talk to pres and get back to me. Well they decided that it would be best to stay down until after physical therapy to see if it will heal in this time! I'm really hoping so! But all I know is that imma be really bored for the next 2 weeks or so! I have to stay inside resting and leave for one appointment, come back and rest, then leave for another one. So we're only working about 4 hours a sounds like a good thing, rest in the mission. But its not! I feel guilty that I'm not doing anything. But 2 weeks of rest is better than having to end. Sometimes we don't understand that trials that we have in our lives but in the end they always makes sense and we always leave them uplifted and with more knowledge. So I just have to endure and have patience.
Our investigators are doing good. Their only problem is that they are wanting an answer from God in a sign! We have tried and tried to explain to them that answers usually don't come in signs but in feelings and promptings. They haven't seemed to understand yet. We have a lesson with Fatima tonight so well see how shes doing and what happened cuz she didn't come to church yesterday (so she wont be getting baptized this Saturday).
WE found 2 women that are awesome! They both accepted to be baptized in the first lesson! They said that they are sick of feeling confused about the Catholic church. Because they've read in the Bible that we should be baptized like Jesus was and that's not how they do it in their church! They are reading the Book of Mormon are promised to come to church this next Sunday! They are great!! Their names are Ersilia and Mirta. :)
I don't know whats gonna happen with changes because of what I have to do with my knee right now...its probable that I'm gonna stay but I don't know! You'll all know the next week!
I love you all and hope that this week will be one to remember! :)
Hermana McIntyre

Monday, July 7, 2014

Always speedy fast!

Time is flying in every aspect! This week flew by! I feel like I just was here sitting at the computer writing you guys! My mission is flying by as well cuz I am almost down to 7 months left! Isn't that crazy?? Also, transfers are in 1 week and that's the craziest thing. I feel like I just got put with Hermana Argueta! And now I might have to leave with 3 baptisms planned for the week after I leave...sad right? but maybe Ill stay! I hope that this week was great for you guys and that you all enjoyed the 4th. I have to tell you that it was quite sad to be out of the country on Independence day where nobody knows how awesome the day should be! But luckily the Bishops wife is awesome and called me and said, Happy 4th of July! Even in English!! :) It made me happy. Shes ( and her family) are awesome and way funny. Bishop is a talk show radio host for sports and sleeps all during the meetings! haha its quite funny!

This week was a rough one with the work. WE just could seem to find many lessons. The people here with the cold just don't know how to handle it and lock themselves up with all the clothes they have put on their bodies and their trusty crocs! :) So nobody like to open doors and only come to the window to tell you to come back another day when its not so cold....well that'll be in like September so....haha they're funny. But even though this week was rough we got through and we able to see our efforts pull through with 3 people in church! :) So all in all, it was rough, but worth it! 
We were able to do service for a family that their house in beneath water, (like most of the houses) As you can see everything is built with super thin wood and nails...not too sturdy but its all they have and it was fun!!
 This week was also filled with doctors and hospitals. My knee problem came back worse and now I have this super weird spot on my hand thats growing and hurts..Ill see what it is tomorrow.haha ohhhh Paraguay! :) The doctor said that with my knee its the same thing but my knee is rebellious and doesn't want to heal so I have to do MORE physical therapy and take more
We were able to have 2 activities this week with the YM and YW this week and they loved it! For one I made this cake(see pic) and they all loved it! :) It has kit-kats on tops!! :) SOO yummy! 
I taught Mirian and Eduardo how to make Gorilla Poops and they loved them! They were amazed about the no bake part and now want to make them and sell them! haha :) They're the best! I will for sure miss them!
I love you guys tons and hope that this next week is an awesome one!! Always look for the blessings in every part of your lives. :)
Hermana McIntyre