Monday, July 28, 2014

Short Week.

Me at physical therapy!

The view from our apartment!

A really big tree in our area!
This week has flown! The work has been short with all the resting but were still staying strong. I really hope we can get going soon so that the people here can get lots of help that this message has to offer.
The stories I have for this week are just kinda random and weird. We spent a lot of time on city buses and walkin around for short periods of time. But one day this week we went to interviews with President that went well (just talking about my health problems) and then on our way back to the house we found with a guy that came on the bus and started rapping! it was so awesome and funny! He started talking about us that we are the sisters of the church of Joseph Smith and that hes also read the Book of Mormon! haha it was so awesome! I turned so red! Then the other time we were on our way back from physical therapy and the bus got SO full and we just happened to be in the front! What is a 20 minute bus ride turned into 1.5 hours!! It was nuts and then to get off the bus we had to squeeze through so many people! We were laughing soo hard and the people were given us weird looks! haha man...good times.
Yesterday a girl from BYU came to church named Mary. Shell be living here for a month. She was so awesome and then offered to come on splits with us! We were walking trying to find some less active members and we found a whole case of pop (not opened) in a trash can! It was so awesome. Well you know my love of pop! me and Hermana Hampton both took one to drink today! haha don't worry! Ill wash it first! Mary thought we were nuts but was laughing really hard!
So sorry that this letter wasn't too spiritual, I promise the next one will be! We can just barely got out cuz my knee hurts to walk and sit so its a problem..but we'll get it figured out!
Thanks for all of the love and prayers! Have an awesome week!!!  Love you all!!
Hermana McIntyre

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