Monday, July 14, 2014

Down Time.

My district after an activity. They're awesome!
Well...I don't know why my body hates me and doesn't want me to work, but that's what its done! This week started off much better with lots of lessons and people wanting to listen to us! It was awesome!! 
The weather was great and we were on a roll. Then everything changed when I went to physical therapy on Thursday and the doc told me that I should avoid standing and sitting for long periods of time...well and a missionary in a walking mission that's impossible to avoid...So I called the mish presidents wife and she told me that she would talk to pres and get back to me. Well they decided that it would be best to stay down until after physical therapy to see if it will heal in this time! I'm really hoping so! But all I know is that imma be really bored for the next 2 weeks or so! I have to stay inside resting and leave for one appointment, come back and rest, then leave for another one. So we're only working about 4 hours a sounds like a good thing, rest in the mission. But its not! I feel guilty that I'm not doing anything. But 2 weeks of rest is better than having to end. Sometimes we don't understand that trials that we have in our lives but in the end they always makes sense and we always leave them uplifted and with more knowledge. So I just have to endure and have patience.
Our investigators are doing good. Their only problem is that they are wanting an answer from God in a sign! We have tried and tried to explain to them that answers usually don't come in signs but in feelings and promptings. They haven't seemed to understand yet. We have a lesson with Fatima tonight so well see how shes doing and what happened cuz she didn't come to church yesterday (so she wont be getting baptized this Saturday).
WE found 2 women that are awesome! They both accepted to be baptized in the first lesson! They said that they are sick of feeling confused about the Catholic church. Because they've read in the Bible that we should be baptized like Jesus was and that's not how they do it in their church! They are reading the Book of Mormon are promised to come to church this next Sunday! They are great!! Their names are Ersilia and Mirta. :)
I don't know whats gonna happen with changes because of what I have to do with my knee right now...its probable that I'm gonna stay but I don't know! You'll all know the next week!
I love you all and hope that this week will be one to remember! :)
Hermana McIntyre

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