Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The best week ever!! Minus the cold...

The bride & groom!

Marian right before her baptism!!
Bernardo & Thiago before their baptism!!

At the Stake Baptism; all the new members with the missionaries that baptized them!

Man was this week awesome!! 
So first with the wedding. I was so stinkin stressed out! First what happened was that right after I wrote you guys Mirian called us and said that the wedding was off cuz they didn't have enough money and that she couldn't find a dress. I was freakin out but was not gonna let Satan get away with it! So we went to their house that night and solutioned everything out. So from then on everything went really well besides that her daughter didn't want to get baptized in the end. But the wedding was so pretty and the ward helped so much! And her baptism was SO awesome! She was so excited to get baptized after having to wait for 2 months. They asked to do a special number. I sang I know that my Redeemer lives and it went really well. :) She was so prepared from the beginning! And now that she is confirmed and is able to participate in the sacrament she shines. She and her now husband Eduardo are so happy!
Then the big news! So we found a family with 4 kids and a mom. Only 2 of the kids are above 8 and able to get baptized. Bernardo and Thiago. We found them about 2 weeks ago and they got baptized as well this weekend!!! We had a stake activity where everyone who was getting baptized this last Saturday all went to the stake center and everyone got baptized together!! it was so awesome!! Then afterwards there was a talent show! It was such an amazing and fun night!! :) Bernardo and Thiago were so excited to get baptized! Bernard even fell into the font after coming back up! haha it was super funny!! This week was just so awesome! And full of blessings!
It is SOOO cold here right now!! Man. These houses are not built for this kinda weather! I sleep with 2 of everything and im still cold! But the sun is finally out today so that's an answer to prayers!!
A funny and gross thing that happened was that one morning we woke up to cat poop in our house....yeah. A cat got in through the door, looked through the trash and then did his thing on out floor! It was nasty but super funny! Good thing Hermana Kekoolani is so nice and cleaned it up! haha
Well that's what I got for this week! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and knows our circumstances! I love you all tons! Have an amazing week!!

Hermana McIntyre

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Happy Happy!

At a soccer stadium with Hermana Kekoolani & our zone leader!
I love getting mail!!
Our pet lizard (:
Man am I so excited this week! I'm only going to tell you guys part of the reason so that the other one can be a surprise! ha! ha!
Can I just say that I loved talking to all of you and missed the faces that weren't there! But I know that if not at Christmas time I will be seeing you all soon! kinda..haha but yeah! You are so awesome and have changed a ton! I always feel the many prayers for me and know that they help me a ton!
So this week is gonna be a stressful one with the wedding! Who knew that wedding planning is stressful! If the pics that I send next week show me without hair, you'll know why. Stress. But hey that's the life of a missionary right? Mirian is doing awesome but a little bit stressed out as well! But its all good! BUT, her daughter is now getting baptized with her this Friday! They'll be getting married on Friday at about 5:30 and then the baptism of her and her daughter will follow! We have all waited so long for this and are all very excited for her and her soon to be completed family! 
I had a humbling experience this week that just hurt my heart so much! We are teaching a mom and her 4 little boys and they are really struggling money wise. They live in a one room house and only have 3 beds for the five people and her rent is getting higher and higher and so the other day we were sharing with them and she got all nervous in the end and started to cry and said that she had no food for her kids to eat and they hadn't eaten all day. So me and Hermana Kekoolani were able to buy her some food. It was so humbling to see her circumstances. It was an amazing experience!
The pics is of me and Hermana Kekoolani in the stadium for soccer here and the other one is of our pet lizard! haha 
Thats all I have for today but I will have much more for the next week!! I love you all!! :)
Hermana McIntyre

Friday, May 16, 2014

No email this week but a picture (:

This is my awesome zone, they are so great! I loved being able to talk to you all! I have the best family!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The good & the bad.

Celebrating the 9 month mark (:
 Well this week was a rough one and it was all by one phone call that we got.
The week was goin so well. We were finding TONS of people and had 15 people that had a baptismal date. Our investigators were progressing so much and everyone was excited to come to church on Sunday. Then on Friday we got a call from Mirian and she told us that they are moving....it hit me really hard. We have spent sooo much tie with them and i love their family so much its hard to accept that they have to move. It will still be in the ward but just on the other side of our limit. And I don't care about the numbers, just that I wont be able to talk to them  after I leave this area. That's what makes me the saddest. So I was super sad about that and it just kinda killed our energy that we had left for the week. I went into Sunday looking for some help and I for sure got it! A ton of people bore their testimonies about trials and how they are for our benefit. I knew that Heavenly Father listens to my prayers and that it will all work out in the end! So Im still a little sad but at least I will still be able to see them get married and Mirian get baptized. :)
I had interchanges with the sister leaders this week and it was AMAZING!! I learned so much and loved every second of it! I hope that I will be able to teach like them one day! I was with Hermana Cevallos and shes so awesome! We both have the same time in the mission and for that we have this picture of us reaching our 9 month mark!! hahaha I hope you all enjoy the pic! 
I cannot believe that I only have 9 months left. The time has flown and its going faster and faster every day! I am taking in every second so that I wont regret any of it! Like last night when our shower exploded! That's always something to remember right? haha 
So the temple was soooooo good! I loved every second of it. Minus the getting their part. I just seem to have bad luck with the city buses here.. We had to take 2 buses and then run a lil bit and then a taxi to get there! We got there an hour late but they waited for us! I was soo happy! I left the temple so ready to face 9 more months! :) 
I love you all so much and thanks for all of the letters! :) haha Have an awesome week and remember that I pray for you all every day! 
Hermana McIntyre

Still the same!!

We didnt change!! Woohoo! We were so excited to be able to stay together and see Mirian and Eduardo get married and we are finally finding lots of new people! But our distrist leader did a mean joke and told us that we would be changing...that was rude. But in the end he told us what really was going to happen! So this week was an interesting one but fun like always with Hermana Kekoolani here in Paraguay. First we met a BYU Rugby player!! It was so random but awesome! We were just walking down the street and he yelled out Sisters!! So we stopped and tlaked to him for a while! I felt famous! haha 
We had 2 people in church this week! But Mirian wasn't able to come because her brother almost died Saturday night so she was with him in the morning on Sunday. But the other 2 that we had were Maria Mercedes and Blas. We have been teaching Maria Merceded FOREVER and she has never come to church but this week she said that she would come for sure! And she did. I don't know how it went for her cuz she had to leave really fast afterwards so well see what happens this week. Then Blas is 25 and super interesting. He just has problems with drinkin with his friends on the weekends. But he said that he liked it a lot. Its just kinds hard cuz there are SO many little kids and their parents don't do anything to calm them down so its super hard to hear anything in Sacrament meeting..but that's okay! Well see what happens!
Now my really excited news is that I get to go to the temple tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):) I am sooo excited! :) I have waiting SO long to go and tomorrow is the day! :) I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and tell you guys all about it! 
Well that's all Ive got for this week! I love you guys a ton! :)
Hermana McIntyre

P.S. I hate to say this but you guys are really slacking at writing me.....just sayin...