Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Happy Happy!

At a soccer stadium with Hermana Kekoolani & our zone leader!
I love getting mail!!
Our pet lizard (:
Man am I so excited this week! I'm only going to tell you guys part of the reason so that the other one can be a surprise! ha! ha!
Can I just say that I loved talking to all of you and missed the faces that weren't there! But I know that if not at Christmas time I will be seeing you all soon! kinda..haha but yeah! You are so awesome and have changed a ton! I always feel the many prayers for me and know that they help me a ton!
So this week is gonna be a stressful one with the wedding! Who knew that wedding planning is stressful! If the pics that I send next week show me without hair, you'll know why. Stress. But hey that's the life of a missionary right? Mirian is doing awesome but a little bit stressed out as well! But its all good! BUT, her daughter is now getting baptized with her this Friday! They'll be getting married on Friday at about 5:30 and then the baptism of her and her daughter will follow! We have all waited so long for this and are all very excited for her and her soon to be completed family! 
I had a humbling experience this week that just hurt my heart so much! We are teaching a mom and her 4 little boys and they are really struggling money wise. They live in a one room house and only have 3 beds for the five people and her rent is getting higher and higher and so the other day we were sharing with them and she got all nervous in the end and started to cry and said that she had no food for her kids to eat and they hadn't eaten all day. So me and Hermana Kekoolani were able to buy her some food. It was so humbling to see her circumstances. It was an amazing experience!
The pics is of me and Hermana Kekoolani in the stadium for soccer here and the other one is of our pet lizard! haha 
Thats all I have for today but I will have much more for the next week!! I love you all!! :)
Hermana McIntyre

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