Monday, May 5, 2014

The good & the bad.

Celebrating the 9 month mark (:
 Well this week was a rough one and it was all by one phone call that we got.
The week was goin so well. We were finding TONS of people and had 15 people that had a baptismal date. Our investigators were progressing so much and everyone was excited to come to church on Sunday. Then on Friday we got a call from Mirian and she told us that they are hit me really hard. We have spent sooo much tie with them and i love their family so much its hard to accept that they have to move. It will still be in the ward but just on the other side of our limit. And I don't care about the numbers, just that I wont be able to talk to them  after I leave this area. That's what makes me the saddest. So I was super sad about that and it just kinda killed our energy that we had left for the week. I went into Sunday looking for some help and I for sure got it! A ton of people bore their testimonies about trials and how they are for our benefit. I knew that Heavenly Father listens to my prayers and that it will all work out in the end! So Im still a little sad but at least I will still be able to see them get married and Mirian get baptized. :)
I had interchanges with the sister leaders this week and it was AMAZING!! I learned so much and loved every second of it! I hope that I will be able to teach like them one day! I was with Hermana Cevallos and shes so awesome! We both have the same time in the mission and for that we have this picture of us reaching our 9 month mark!! hahaha I hope you all enjoy the pic! 
I cannot believe that I only have 9 months left. The time has flown and its going faster and faster every day! I am taking in every second so that I wont regret any of it! Like last night when our shower exploded! That's always something to remember right? haha 
So the temple was soooooo good! I loved every second of it. Minus the getting their part. I just seem to have bad luck with the city buses here.. We had to take 2 buses and then run a lil bit and then a taxi to get there! We got there an hour late but they waited for us! I was soo happy! I left the temple so ready to face 9 more months! :) 
I love you all so much and thanks for all of the letters! :) haha Have an awesome week and remember that I pray for you all every day! 
Hermana McIntyre

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