Monday, October 28, 2013


Thats baptism in Guarani!!! Por Fin!! Flora Roa has been taking the lessons for 18 years now and she finally did it!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!! :) Me and Hermana Rios were so excited!!! And so was she! She was just beaming! :) She did have to be baptized 4 times though cuz shes really afraid of water and has bad knees. I was so scared that she was gonna back out but she forged forward and got it done! :) And now she was so many stinkin blessings from Heaenly Father! This is why baptism is so important! Because without it, these people are missing out on so much! Its sad. But in out area no one has been baptized for a year! A WHOLE YEAR! Crazy right? But we got it done! haha okay the Lord did since everything is on His time! But yeah we are so exiited and Ill send a pic next week!

But this week was great! I got to play futbol with my district and that was so nice just to have some fun and let some energy out! Then on Tuesday we got to go and play with the kids in Operation Smile ata hospital who gives free surgeries to kids with cleft pallets. It was way fun!! :) 
So basically all I do here is preach, sweat, and eat. The members give us so much food and its so good! But its a good thing its so stinkin hot or else theyd have to roll me home! haha Also random, no one can say McIntyre here!! Most people wont even try but the people that do usually say McInshtine...dont know where the s comes from! haha or Hermana Mac. Thats my name in the ward! haha This ward is awesome and its gonna be sad when I have to leave them! 
I love you all and am so grateful for all the advice and pictures! Have an amazing week and Ill pray for some rain!
Hermana McInshtine! :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Here & Happy!!

Hey everyone!!

Well this week was a ton better than last week! I still had some hard times, but they are getting less and less! So first of all it is so stinkin hot here!!! Its probably in the 90s every day and then you add in the humidity and what do you get? One really sweaty Hermana McIntyre! Seriously my entire back and shoulders where my bag is is completely soaked in like an hour of being out! Gotta love it right? Except for night time. I dont love that because I go to bed sweating and wake up swearting. But Im just trying to keep a good attitude about being soaked in sweat all day or else it would just be bad! I am pretty tan though so thats a plus! haha I am also getting eaten alive by mosiquitos! One time we were contacting this lady and while we were standing there I got 13 bites!!! In like 15 minutes! I was so itchy for the rest of the day! But mom, youd be happy to know that im usin my oils a lot so that I dont get some sort of disease! We havent found too many gross bugs yet so thats always good! Only one cokroach and then lots of ants and spiders! The food is actually pretty good here! Almost everything is fried so thats not good but hey im on a mission! I aint gotta look good for no one! haha We get to eat with the members almost every day for lunch so thats always nice and we almost always have fresh juice! MMMMHHHH!! :) We dont really get to do service projects just the random carrying bags for people or things like that.

The work here is moving right along and you'll be glad to know.....I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flora, an ancient investigator, finally decided to be baptized! This will be both me and my companions first baptism! We had to drop our other investigator, Claudia because she wouldn't stop drinking and she wasn't progressing at all! But we've found so many people lately especially families! Its amazing what happens when you just put in a little more faith! 
I have officially been here for one month and man has it been slow, but everyone just keeps telling me that once I get out of training it will fly and I cant wait for that! It sounds like everyone is doing awesome there in Idaho and Utah and Washington! I miss you guys lots! Everyday when I wake up and wish that I could go upstairs to hear dad singing and mom sewing or reading the newspaper I just remind myself of how many people are here and are completely lost and that this is their lives. I only am sacrificing a year and a half and so Im gonna forget myself and go to work!
I love you all tons!!
Love Hermana McIntyre

Monday, October 14, 2013



Well sorry for the freak out last week but this week has been much better! I still had some rough days but once I pushed myself outta of my mind and got to work it was much better! The mornings are the worst cuz i dream about being home every night and doing all these fun things like drinking pop and playing with all the neices and nephews but as they say here in Paraguay, igual no mas! which means whatever! I know that in 15 months Ill be able to do that all I want and it will feel so good that I finished! I have definitely felt all of your prayers and support and I know that is how I was able to get through this week! And I know that this will get easier once I start to understand everyone here instead of just hearing random words here and there! haha

So this week weve been working a ton with our investigator Claudia. She is able to be baptized as soon as she goes to church one more time and stops drinking...but she really wants to be baptized and weve almot taught her all of the lessons! Its so hard cuz we want her to have the gospel in her life and be baptized so bad but she keeps diong things that are stopping her from receiving so many blessings. We pray so hard for her and all of our investigators every prayer! 
My Spanish is coming along! I understand more and more every week and cant wait for the day when I will be able to sit in a lesson and understand everything!! Then Ill actually be able to help these people more cuz I can understand them! Its just hard cuz people slur all of theeir words together and dont say their s in the words....haha pero esta bien!
So funny story. Me and Hermana Rios were tracting yesterday and came upon this bible study group. So we thought itd be a good idea to go and teach them! wasnt! WE ended up being serenaded for like 20 minutes!! haha at least it was about Jesus! 
Also, Happy Birthday to Sarah Katy Ryan and Emily!!! I will try to send letters to you all but just know that I love you lots! :) 
Well thanks again everyone! Please keep me in your prayers! I love you all TONS!
Hermana McIntyre

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 7!

Hey everyone!

This is gonna be pretty short, but I just wanna say how awesome conference was and that I got to watch Sat in English and then Sun was in Spanish cuz we had an investigator come to the afternoon session. Her name is Natalia! Awesome name right?? haha but I learned so much! I learned especially that the promptings that you get from the Spirit need to be followed quickly and valiantly. He doesn't just tell you these things so you can decided if you wanna do them and when you wanna do them. You need to do them right then and there! Well sorry for the short letter but know that I love you all with all my heart and more!

Hermana McIntyre

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm heeeeeeere!!

¡Hola todo de mi familia y amigos!

   ¡Como estan? Well believe it or not I am finally in Paraguay and in lots of ways its nothing like i thought, but its also exactly what I thought if that makes any sense...haha My flight was so stinkin long and I didn't sleep that well on the flights so I still feel like I haven't caught up on the sleep yet cuz I'm so stinkin tires every single day! But its good cuz that means I'm workin hard and doin the right thing! So a little about Paraguay since I still don't have a camera, Im in an area called Lambare and its one of the more chuchi areas which means its nicer. Its so crazy cuz there'll be a super nice massive house and then right next to it is a rundown house that only has a couple walls. But that's what most people live in here. Its so sad because so many people int he US think that people they live in a small house that they are the pooreseƧt of the poor but at least they have a bathroom and food to eat. Some people have literally nothing. It makes me want to give everything I have to them! But the thing is, is that most of them are so okay with it and are still as happy as can be! I have a lot to learn from them! The streets here are mostly dirt and cobblestone but the big main roads are asphalt so its always nice when we get to walk on the nice road so I'm not tripping every 5 seconds! Its a miracle that I haven't fallen yet!

    The food here is actually really good! Ive only had beans one time! Its mostly fired breads and lotsa meat! And the flavor is great! I am really surprised by the food here cuz I would totally be fine with eating this forever. Except that they don't really have salad here. Cuz they don't ever eat raw veggies. They think that its really gross to eat veggies when they're raw...haha 
   The people here are stinkin amazing! They are so kind and welcoming and very accepting! It actually has surprised me how many people are accepting of the gospel and it makes me so happy because they are willing to listen to us and hopefully accept to be baptized and gain so many blessings! We have met some amazing people lately that are on the direct path of baptism!! Natalie (awesome right??) is so great! We found her on Thursday and have taught her one lesson and have another lesson tomorrow! She loved listening and HAS ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED!! YAY!!! We don't know what day yet for sure but I am so excited for her! She is amazing! Another girl that we just met is Marta and she seriously is so awesome! She has so many questions and sincerely wants to know the answers! We gave her a Book of Mormon to read last night and she was so excited and we told her to read Alma 32 (one of the best chapters!) and then she said that she would read that and more!! She is so awesome! We have a family also that we are teaching that are kinda struggling and its so hard to teach them because they are so poor and hungry all the time and we want to give them everything but we know that the gospel is the best thing for them and will bless them so much! We pray about them all the time trying to figure out what we can do for them! Its so sad. 
   The ward here is awesome! Especially the Bishops family and the familia Veron. They are so nice and welcoming! A new thing that missionaries try to do now a lot is work with members and refer a lot of people to The members will come to our lessons and just make the investigators feel more comfortable and is just awesome in and of itself! 
   So Spanish. I learn a lot every single day but the hardest part is understanding the people with really thick accents! Sometimes I sit in a lesson and don't understand a word but that's starting to be less and less luckily! Guarani is actually used a lot here but everyone knows Spanish as well so thats good! Its such a cool language and I really hope that I can learn it! 
   Well I better get back to work! Have amazing weeks! I love you all and loved hearing about all of your stories and news! :) Chow!!!

Hermana McIntyre