Monday, October 14, 2013



Well sorry for the freak out last week but this week has been much better! I still had some rough days but once I pushed myself outta of my mind and got to work it was much better! The mornings are the worst cuz i dream about being home every night and doing all these fun things like drinking pop and playing with all the neices and nephews but as they say here in Paraguay, igual no mas! which means whatever! I know that in 15 months Ill be able to do that all I want and it will feel so good that I finished! I have definitely felt all of your prayers and support and I know that is how I was able to get through this week! And I know that this will get easier once I start to understand everyone here instead of just hearing random words here and there! haha

So this week weve been working a ton with our investigator Claudia. She is able to be baptized as soon as she goes to church one more time and stops drinking...but she really wants to be baptized and weve almot taught her all of the lessons! Its so hard cuz we want her to have the gospel in her life and be baptized so bad but she keeps diong things that are stopping her from receiving so many blessings. We pray so hard for her and all of our investigators every prayer! 
My Spanish is coming along! I understand more and more every week and cant wait for the day when I will be able to sit in a lesson and understand everything!! Then Ill actually be able to help these people more cuz I can understand them! Its just hard cuz people slur all of theeir words together and dont say their s in the words....haha pero esta bien!
So funny story. Me and Hermana Rios were tracting yesterday and came upon this bible study group. So we thought itd be a good idea to go and teach them! wasnt! WE ended up being serenaded for like 20 minutes!! haha at least it was about Jesus! 
Also, Happy Birthday to Sarah Katy Ryan and Emily!!! I will try to send letters to you all but just know that I love you lots! :) 
Well thanks again everyone! Please keep me in your prayers! I love you all TONS!
Hermana McIntyre

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