Monday, October 28, 2013


Thats baptism in Guarani!!! Por Fin!! Flora Roa has been taking the lessons for 18 years now and she finally did it!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!! :) Me and Hermana Rios were so excited!!! And so was she! She was just beaming! :) She did have to be baptized 4 times though cuz shes really afraid of water and has bad knees. I was so scared that she was gonna back out but she forged forward and got it done! :) And now she was so many stinkin blessings from Heaenly Father! This is why baptism is so important! Because without it, these people are missing out on so much! Its sad. But in out area no one has been baptized for a year! A WHOLE YEAR! Crazy right? But we got it done! haha okay the Lord did since everything is on His time! But yeah we are so exiited and Ill send a pic next week!

But this week was great! I got to play futbol with my district and that was so nice just to have some fun and let some energy out! Then on Tuesday we got to go and play with the kids in Operation Smile ata hospital who gives free surgeries to kids with cleft pallets. It was way fun!! :) 
So basically all I do here is preach, sweat, and eat. The members give us so much food and its so good! But its a good thing its so stinkin hot or else theyd have to roll me home! haha Also random, no one can say McIntyre here!! Most people wont even try but the people that do usually say McInshtine...dont know where the s comes from! haha or Hermana Mac. Thats my name in the ward! haha This ward is awesome and its gonna be sad when I have to leave them! 
I love you all and am so grateful for all the advice and pictures! Have an amazing week and Ill pray for some rain!
Hermana McInshtine! :)

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