Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy News from a Stranger!


My name is Alicia Anderson and I met your daughter in Asuncion, Paraguay while I was there on an Operation Smile humanitarian mission. I am a registered nurse from Salt Lake City and have gone with the organization on 3 previous missions fixing cleft lip/palates for children and adults. We performed 102 surgeries in Asuncion. It was a fantastic experience. I'm also a member of the church and when I saw her and her companion, I was so excited to see sister missionaries in Paraguay!  

My mom recently received a phone call from a woman who had met my brother on his mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it made her day. I wanted to do the same and notify you that I had met her! 

I met her when her and her companion came to the hospital we were working at. They met and played with the kids and families who had either just received surgery or would be the following day. She is doing great, loving the work and the people! She told me to tell you she loves you very much!

I hope this finds you well and wish you the best. You have a wonderful daughter!

- Alicia Anderson

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