Monday, November 18, 2013


Wow was this week amazing!! First, it started off with Tuesday being able to listen to D Todd Christofferson. He talked a lot about us as missionaries needing to actually know the Book of Mormon so that when we need a scripture we can flip right to it. So it is my personal goal to know the Book of Mormon b y heart. I have been studying it a lot more lately!! Also, we were able to ask him questions if we wanted and I got to ask one!!! It was so awesome! I asked, how can we show our investigators that they are children of God and have them actually believe us. It was so amazing to get advice from an apostle of the Lord. :) And I did get to shake his hand!! Everyone did actually. We single filed it right on up there! haha :) Then Cyntia!! She is just so amazing and seriously a miracle (milagro) from Heavenly Father. We found out Monday that she had to move out of her house by the 18th and she also said that she wouldn't be able to come to the appointments because she needed to find a place to live. We were so sad!! But we decided that we just needed to pass by her house anyways and see if the owners would let her come out. So we said a pray and headed to her house! When we got there they said that she wasn't there as usual but we knew that she was! So Hna Rios just starting yelling her name and she came out! haha It was awesome! She ended up coming with us to a FHE with the bishops family and she loved it! Ever since then we've been looking and looking for a place for her to live and found one!! Which is crazy cuz there's like no places to live here! Well that are cheap. And she came to church as well! She is progressing so fast and her date to be baptized is the 7th of December! Woooo!

Then this week, on Wednesday we had a huge storm! Which is totally normal here but we were just walkin around in it and getting completely soaked! haha it was really fun until it got cold and no one wanted to let us in..haha but then! as we were walking down the street, a huge bolt of lightening seriously hit right next to us! we screamed so loud and my heart was pounding! haha but it was really funny at the same time! haha kinda..
Its still super hot here! And our AC is broke so that makes nights super fun..haha just makes the experience better right? :) But were looking for another place to live since ours is so small and we live so close to a member that Pres Agazanni wants to move us out. Not to mention i stepped through the floor last week....haha whoops! Its normal though! Im used to things like this happening now. But I don't think Ill ever get used to the humungo cockroaches!! so nasty! Especially when one is accompanying me in the bathroom during the night. Yuck! All is well though! And don't worry mom! I'm safe!! :)
Oh also this Sunday was the Primary Program!! It was so cute! Its always my favorite Sunday in the whole year! :) And I could understand pretty much all of it! Its amazing how fast I'm understanding Spanish! But I gotta cuz I only have 1 month left in training and then I could be training!! AHHH!!  
I love you guys so much! thanks for the letters as always!! Hasta Lunes!
Love Hermana McIntyre :)

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