Monday, December 2, 2013

Sending Thanks from Paraguay

Hola mi familia!

Well it sounds like you guys all had an amazing thanksgiving week! I so wish I could have been there so spend that precious memory together but I know that there will be many more to come when I get back! Thank you for remembering me on Thanksgiving! Don't take this the wrong way but I tried not to think of you guys..haha only because its a hard day to be away. But I got through it and it was actually pretty good! A family from the ward that we live right next to invited us over to have dinner with them! :) I was so happy! It definitely wasn't the same as our Thanksgivings...but it was still pretty good! I was so grateful for them and their willingness to let us come over and enjoy dinner. (Their two kids went on missions to the US and the mom always travels there so that's why they had a dinner) But yeah! It was fun!

This week has been full of storms! We had 4 bad storms this week! (see picture) They are so crazy! Its kinds fun, but kinds not cuz it makes the work hard cuz no body comes outside when its raining and no body wants to let us in cuz were soaking wet. haha I don't understand why....
So Angelica!!! She is so stinkin amazing! She is progressing so much every day and is loving everything that we teach her and every time we come back shes glowing a bit more. Its amazing what the gospel will do to ya! :) Then on Sunday she wore a dress!! That's such a good sign. Usually investigators will just wear jeans and whatever they want, but she dressed up and did her hair and it was so awesome!! She is getting baptized in less than 2 weeks now on the 14th and she is soo excited! Reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and all! Ah! I love her so much!
So Happy Birthday to Michele and Ezra this week!! Enjoy your birthday and don't forget how much I love you both! 
Thanks everyone for all you do! :) I love you soo much and am so grateful to have everyone of you in my family.
Con Amor,
Hermana McIntyre

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