Monday, December 9, 2013

Trainin is almost over!!


How are all of you? From the letters I got you all seem to be doin really awesome even if it is in the negatives! Yeah...that doesn't sound like too much fun! I would send the heat if I could but if there's anything Ive learned here its that everything is up to the Lord. So....sorry! Enjoy the snow though! Winters my favorite time of the year so its sad that I'm missing it. Oh well I guess!

Well its getting close to Christmas and I am sooo excited to talk to you guys!!!! :) :) AH! Sorry if I'm a mess!...but seriously! I miss you all so much. I have the best family in the world! No joke. :) So all of the decorations are going up in peoples houses and its kinda funny cuz they still decorate with mostly the same things like snowmen and it just seems so weird cuz they definitely don't have snow here! But one thing that's different is that they put fruit out with the Nativity..haha I don't know why, but they do! haha BUT! Yesterday we were tracting and found a house where they were about to decorate their Christmas tree and they let us help! Ill attach the pic for you guys! :) It was so fun and nice to get into a cool house a lil bit! 
The mangoes are comin on full force and they are so yummy! Don't be too jealous Ben! :) I could eat so many!!! There's just trees and trees of mangoes every where! and then people selling Watermelon all along the streets as well! SO yummy!
So Angelica is going to be baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I'm so excited for her! She is happier and happier every time we go to teach her a lesson! And way excited for her baptism as well. She reads the Book of Mormon every day and loves it! She also told us yesterday that she wants to go on a mission as well! Isn't that so awesome! We also have a little girl that's 9 named Dulce that might possibly be baptized on Saturday as well. Its depending on this week! Cyntia is still doing okay but she just hasn't been coming to church. People keep telling her really bad rumors about the church so that doesn't help much but at least she comes and tells us right?
This is the last week of this transfer and I have no clue whats gonna happen. I find out next Tuesday where Ill be going and who I'll be with. Exciting right? Ill finally be done with training!
Well I love you guys a ton! And like I said am so excited to talk to you in 16 days! :) Keep up all the missionary work! You make me proud! :)
Con Amor
Hermana McIntrye

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