Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm finally done!!

WOO! My training is finally over!! Ive officially been here in Paraguay for 3 months now and every day gets better!! And MOST importantly Angelica was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!! She is soo happy to be a part of the Lords only true church and to finally have some direction in her life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to teach her and help her on her way to the Kingdom of God. :) She is so awesome and I will be sad if I have to leave her. :(

Speaking of that, transfers are on Tuesday!!! Crazy. I'm really sad cuz I'm almost positive that me and Hermana Rios will be leaving each other. Shes such a good friend and I know that Heavenly Father sent her to me to get me through these first 3 months. But I am very excited to be able to have a new companion that I'm sure I will learn so much! Here's to a new adventure! 
CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON!  We are able to Skype Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. But Ill just keep it to Christmas day so that all of you who are planning on coming, it wont be an inconvenience. I'm not sure what time I will be calling though...hopefully i will have a way to let you know! Also, sad news. I only have 40 mins to talk to you all. :( So sad right? Well figure it out!! :) I'm so excited to see you all!!
So funny thing about Obama. Remember the language here? Guarani? Well Obama is a word in Guarani that means: ya se mudo which means he's already gone! hahaha isn't that awesome? I thought so! Guarani is REALLY hard but I'm hoping to learn some so I can be able to speak it a little bit! 
OH! Thank you so much for all the letters!! :) I got so many today! And i got you package Jess! But I'm not gonna open it until Christmas! And mom and Em, I don't have yours yet! Hopefully soon! :) Thanks! I feel so much love and support from you all! 
My Spanish is getting better and better. It really just depends on the day! Some days I can understand basically everything! But others....yeah. haha But I know that if I have to train this next transfer, the Lord qualifies whom He calls. And I just have to have faith in that! :)
I love you all and am ecstatic to talk to you in a lil more than a week!! :) 
Con Amor,
Hermana McIntyre

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