Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!!

Hola mi familia!! 
I LOVED talking to you all!! Well almost all of you! You are all so amazing and the best family that anyone could ask for! I was scared that I would be really sad afterwards but I was actually doing pretty good! That is definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. And it helps that I have the resposibility of being an example to my comp and so that helps me be happy and in a better mood to show her how awesome the mission is! :) But I am very glad that Christmas is over! Just one more to go! And I cant wait til the festivals are over so that these people will be back to their normal selves! Missionary work is much easier when people aren't drunk. haha Gotta love em! Well cleaning the temple was such an amazing experience and I wish I could do it every week! I felt the Spirit so strong and I cant wait to do a session! Woo! Then on Friday we had a Mission Activity and it was so awesome!! A nice break, and I got to see Hermana Rios and some of the people from the MTC! We played volleyball, soccer, water volley, an obstacle course and then climbed Cerro Lambare! It was a blast but man did I get burnt!! This week with missionary work has been rough but this is the Lord's work and nothing is imposible. So I know that it will get better any day now! But Angelica did say somwthing really awesome is class on SUnday. The teacher asked her to tell her story of meeting the missionaries and she said something that I didnt even know! She said that before she met us, she considered herself Atheist because she just wasnt sure if God exists. But then in the first lesson with us, she said that she just knew that He is there. :) I had no idea! I know that as missionaries we are led my the Holy Ghost to the people that are prepared! 
Okay random thing. Here, the don't have normal yogurt..its in bags and its super runny! I actually really like it now and then also milk is only in bags or boxes...haha kinda different but hey! Its South America and its awesome! Also my spanish is improving so much!! It gets harder and harder to speak in English every day and I was talking to my zone leader last night and he thought that I was Hermana Rivera! He said that my accent is very good! So I'm getting better! It helps that I dont speak any English at all!
I love you guys soooo much! Thank you for all you do for me! :) Until next week!
Hermana McIntyre

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