Monday, December 23, 2013


  Well this is gonna be a quick one cuz I only have like 10 minutes to write you since I get top skype you all on Wednesday!!!!!!!!! I'm only a lil excited! haha

  Well this past week has been nuts! Cambios were on Tuesday and guess what? I'm training!! Yeah that basically means I'm dying cuz I have no clue what I'm doing here. I had no clue how much I relied on Hermana Rios. Its so hard to be in charge of someone that doesn't know any of the rules or our area or our investigators so I basically have to do everything right now. But shes learning quick and shes from El Salvador so her Spanish is awesome! I already feel like I can talk and understand a ton more!! Her name is Hermana Rivera.
But yeah Ill explain more and tell stories on Wednesday!! I'm really sad that we can only talk for 40 minutes but I guess that's better than nothin right?? 
One more thing, I'm super excited cuz we get to go to the temple today and clean it!!!! YAY!! I'm stoked!!
Well I love you guys and please keep me in your prayers!! I need lots of support here. Thanks, I love you all!!
Hermana McIntyre

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