Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Week Down!

Man this week flew! And was it hot! Almost every day was up close to 100!! Crazy right?! but the people keep tellin us, oh this is nothin! haha....yeah...but since every one is asking questions about what I do only a daily basis so here it is! So we get up at 6:30 every day and exercise and get ready and eat breakfast until 8. Then we study until 9 personally and then for 2 hours as a companionship-. Then finish with 1 hour of language study! I have never studies this much in my life!! But this is one of the many things that I want to continue to do when I get back. Study the Book of Mormon for an hour every morning possible! It just starts off the day so well! Then we either go eat at a members house or make lunch. Then we get to work. We proselyte and tract until 9 and then come back and plan for 1/2 hour and then have until 10:30 to do whatever and get to bed! Exciting right? haha but the people here back every day different. The funny things people say or the looks we get as 2 blondes are walking down the street!

I am so excited though because the watermelons are on in full force! People walk around with these huge carts in the streets selling them! And then there's mango trees everywhere!!!! I'm so excited! I'm gonna be so full of mangoes its gonna be great! Most of the people just let you take the mangoes off of the trees!! WOOHOO! 
Well this week was really good but pretty rough as well! haha This is when I have to take the advice of Elder Packer I think, Come what may and love it! But I have a feeling that this week is gonna be great! :) But one good things that came out of this week is Cyntia! We found her while just walking down the street. Both me and my comp felt like we needed to talk to her and so when we did she said that she had seen us 3 times before and wanted to talk to us but just was too afraid. So we had a lesson with her that night and she is so excited to be baptized!! She is the most prepared person that I have ever met! Satan is already testing her too! Its crazy how that works. Shes living with a family that doesn't like us very much. So they found out that she was taking the lessons and kicked her out. But shes like oh its okay! Now I can find a better place to live! I love her so much! Its crazy how much love you can have for these people here! 
Well sorry that I'm writing so late! I'm in the choir that's singing for Elder D Todd Christoffersen tomorrow!!!! Wooooo! Im stoked! I cant wait! :) I love you guys a ton! :) Hasta Lunes!
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre

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