Monday, November 4, 2013

Noviembre!! Loco!

Isnt it so crazy thats its November already? And that Ive been gone for 3 months! Thats whats even more crazy! So  just so you all know, Ill be sending pictures to Em to put up on the blog so make sure to loook at them! :)
 Sorry to hear about all the sickness! :( I'll be praying extra hard! I know Heavenly Father is watching over all of you always! 
So this week was good! We weren't able to get a lot done cuz of lots of meetings but I'm hoping this week can have more work in it! So the investigators that we are focusing on are: The Familia Silvero. Pedro y Norma are the parents and the their kids Julian, Julie, Ellee, y Adriana. They are so awesome. Norma is pretty catholic (as is EVERYONE here) and so shes been a little closed off but shes beginning to open up a lot and its so awesome! :) then Pedro doesn't really like going to church or anything only working on cars. haha but they are so awesome! Then we are have Nancy y Dionisio. Dionisio is atheist but he is very open and a deep person! Hes reading the Book of Mormon and likes it so far! We think that something happened in his life that made him feel this way and to not believe in God. Then we have lots of other people but they are our main ones right now. 
Funny story: So we contacted this house and a girl came out and said that her name is Leticia and then a guy came out and I asked his name and he said Jose. But I heard him wrong and so I responded with mucho gusto Cosa! hahaha (cosa is thing in spanish) He just gave a really weird look and then started laughing really hard! They turned out to be really awesome and accepted a baptism date right there at the door! I cant wait to teach them today!
Well I hope this week goes better for everyone and that by nest week people can be feeling better! I love you all!!
Hermana McIntyre

This is of the familia silvero! :) Well Norma and Julie and our Bunny teeth! Aren't they awesome?

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