Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm heeeeeeere!!

¡Hola todo de mi familia y amigos!

   ¡Como estan? Well believe it or not I am finally in Paraguay and in lots of ways its nothing like i thought, but its also exactly what I thought if that makes any sense...haha My flight was so stinkin long and I didn't sleep that well on the flights so I still feel like I haven't caught up on the sleep yet cuz I'm so stinkin tires every single day! But its good cuz that means I'm workin hard and doin the right thing! So a little about Paraguay since I still don't have a camera, Im in an area called Lambare and its one of the more chuchi areas which means its nicer. Its so crazy cuz there'll be a super nice massive house and then right next to it is a rundown house that only has a couple walls. But that's what most people live in here. Its so sad because so many people int he US think that people they live in a small house that they are the pooreseçt of the poor but at least they have a bathroom and food to eat. Some people have literally nothing. It makes me want to give everything I have to them! But the thing is, is that most of them are so okay with it and are still as happy as can be! I have a lot to learn from them! The streets here are mostly dirt and cobblestone but the big main roads are asphalt so its always nice when we get to walk on the nice road so I'm not tripping every 5 seconds! Its a miracle that I haven't fallen yet!

    The food here is actually really good! Ive only had beans one time! Its mostly fired breads and lotsa meat! And the flavor is great! I am really surprised by the food here cuz I would totally be fine with eating this forever. Except that they don't really have salad here. Cuz they don't ever eat raw veggies. They think that its really gross to eat veggies when they're raw...haha 
   The people here are stinkin amazing! They are so kind and welcoming and very accepting! It actually has surprised me how many people are accepting of the gospel and it makes me so happy because they are willing to listen to us and hopefully accept to be baptized and gain so many blessings! We have met some amazing people lately that are on the direct path of baptism!! Natalie (awesome right??) is so great! We found her on Thursday and have taught her one lesson and have another lesson tomorrow! She loved listening and HAS ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED!! YAY!!! We don't know what day yet for sure but I am so excited for her! She is amazing! Another girl that we just met is Marta and she seriously is so awesome! She has so many questions and sincerely wants to know the answers! We gave her a Book of Mormon to read last night and she was so excited and we told her to read Alma 32 (one of the best chapters!) and then she said that she would read that and more!! She is so awesome! We have a family also that we are teaching that are kinda struggling and its so hard to teach them because they are so poor and hungry all the time and we want to give them everything but we know that the gospel is the best thing for them and will bless them so much! We pray about them all the time trying to figure out what we can do for them! Its so sad. 
   The ward here is awesome! Especially the Bishops family and the familia Veron. They are so nice and welcoming! A new thing that missionaries try to do now a lot is work with members and refer a lot of people to mormon.org. The members will come to our lessons and just make the investigators feel more comfortable and mormon.org is just awesome in and of itself! 
   So Spanish. I learn a lot every single day but the hardest part is understanding the people with really thick accents! Sometimes I sit in a lesson and don't understand a word but that's starting to be less and less luckily! Guarani is actually used a lot here but everyone knows Spanish as well so thats good! Its such a cool language and I really hope that I can learn it! 
   Well I better get back to work! Have amazing weeks! I love you all and loved hearing about all of your stories and news! :) Chow!!!

Hermana McIntyre

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  1. So awesome to hear about your mission! Thanks for sharing! Thinking and praying for your success!