Monday, October 21, 2013

Here & Happy!!

Hey everyone!!

Well this week was a ton better than last week! I still had some hard times, but they are getting less and less! So first of all it is so stinkin hot here!!! Its probably in the 90s every day and then you add in the humidity and what do you get? One really sweaty Hermana McIntyre! Seriously my entire back and shoulders where my bag is is completely soaked in like an hour of being out! Gotta love it right? Except for night time. I dont love that because I go to bed sweating and wake up swearting. But Im just trying to keep a good attitude about being soaked in sweat all day or else it would just be bad! I am pretty tan though so thats a plus! haha I am also getting eaten alive by mosiquitos! One time we were contacting this lady and while we were standing there I got 13 bites!!! In like 15 minutes! I was so itchy for the rest of the day! But mom, youd be happy to know that im usin my oils a lot so that I dont get some sort of disease! We havent found too many gross bugs yet so thats always good! Only one cokroach and then lots of ants and spiders! The food is actually pretty good here! Almost everything is fried so thats not good but hey im on a mission! I aint gotta look good for no one! haha We get to eat with the members almost every day for lunch so thats always nice and we almost always have fresh juice! MMMMHHHH!! :) We dont really get to do service projects just the random carrying bags for people or things like that.

The work here is moving right along and you'll be glad to know.....I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flora, an ancient investigator, finally decided to be baptized! This will be both me and my companions first baptism! We had to drop our other investigator, Claudia because she wouldn't stop drinking and she wasn't progressing at all! But we've found so many people lately especially families! Its amazing what happens when you just put in a little more faith! 
I have officially been here for one month and man has it been slow, but everyone just keeps telling me that once I get out of training it will fly and I cant wait for that! It sounds like everyone is doing awesome there in Idaho and Utah and Washington! I miss you guys lots! Everyday when I wake up and wish that I could go upstairs to hear dad singing and mom sewing or reading the newspaper I just remind myself of how many people are here and are completely lost and that this is their lives. I only am sacrificing a year and a half and so Im gonna forget myself and go to work!
I love you all tons!!
Love Hermana McIntyre

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