Monday, September 23, 2013

Flight Plans!!

Hey everyone!! 
So the big day is tomorrow!!!! I'm almost all packed and I cannot wait to go! I'm pretty scared..but that's okay! We were taught that Heavenly Father puts us somewhere and leaves us there until we get comfortable and then moves us away! So here I am in my Garden of Eden and in order for me to grow and progress I gotta leave and go out into the world! So here I go! I leave the CCM at 3:30 tomorrow morning and then my flight leaves at 8:08! I fly to Columbia and have a 10 hour layover!!!! TEN!!! Yeah...guess its time to place some Books of Mormon right? Ill get a head start!! Then we fly to Argentina and have a 3 hour layover there and then the rest of the way to Paraguay! So Ill be traveling for over 24 hours but that's okay! As long as I get there, that's all I care about! Oh! and I have window seats for all 3 flights! WOOHOO! 
So justa quick thing about my week, it went by super fast and jammed all the Spanish into my head that I could! Friday all the missionaries that are leaving this week had in-field orientation where we just learn how to be a missionary basically. It was awesome and I learned a ton! I loved every second of it! The teachers here are so cool and inspiring! They make me so excited to get out into the field and work hard! Yesterday was my last day in class and it was really sad to say goodbye to my teachers! They have had a huge influence on me and I could not have asked for 2 better people! Same with my district! Everyone is so amazing and we all taught each other so stinkin much! We were able to take pictures as a distrcit so Ill be sending those to Em to put on my blog so make sure you see them! 
I love you all!! And hopefully Ill be able to send another quick email when I get to Paraguay! Have amazing weeks!
Con Amor,
Hermana McIntyre

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