Tuesday, September 17, 2013

¡¡¡Yo Tengo Un Chiste!!! (I have a joke!!!)

Woah another week is gone and here I am on my last pday and tuesday in Mexico in the CCM! Crazy huh?? I have 5 days left becasue Im leaving on Monday in the madrugada which means really early in the morning. Prolly around 2 or 3! My days are now numbered and I could not be anymore excited! I am nervous about the language but I cannot wait to get outta here and have some change in my life! This week went by a titch slower than the week before, but this week is already flying!! I feel like I was just getting here and struggling to understand anything anybody was saying to me. 
Me and Hermana Jeppesen at the Gritto with Hermana Colvin and Raddatz photo bombing!
Spanish: I can understand A LOT more than I can speak which is kinda frustrating becasue when I want to share a principal or tell a story I cant ever get my point across very well because I only can speak in smaller more simple words, but thats okay! Its a miracle that I can even have a full conversation in Spanish after only 5 weeks! So starting tonight at 6 my whole district is only speaking Spanish for the rest of the week!! I am so nervous and its gonna be hard at times but I gotta learn sometime right?? I mean its not like Ill be in South America in 5 days or anything....AHHH!! Its getting more and more real every second! I AM SO EXCITED!! I only have 3 days of class left which is nuts! I am going to miss my maestros A TON! They have helped me so much and I would be so unprepared without them. And without Heavenly Father as well! 

My mission president (white) & wife (black) at the Mexican night!
Food: Still good but this last week Cena was this hard taco thing that had meat and beans on top and so I decided to put some salsa on it..well I shoudl have known better cuz here you never know what kind of salsa yer gonna get! Whether itll be hot, mild, sweet, spicy, who knows!! But this time I got SUPER HOT!! Oh man I was dying and I no longer had anything in my nose! Bad news...haha but still ¡esta bien! Im gonna have to get used to it sometime right? haha
Mexico!!: So this week was Mexican Independence week and so the whole week we would have different kinds of candy or special meals and the campus was all decorated in green, red, white, and gold! Its so cool to see the patriotism that these people have! WAY more than we do! So then Saturday night we had Mexican Night!! It was probably one of the coolest nights ever and defintely a once in a life time kinda thing! All the missionaries and maestros gathered in the gym where they had lights and a stage and chairs set up and it was decked out with decor as well! So then once everyone got settled, all these dancers came out in awesome constumes and bright colors and did all of these different traditional dances! It was so awesome! There were even fireworks too!! Then on Sunday night we all got together again at 10:30 (with permission from President Pratt of course) and did the Gritto where just basically we are honoring the people who helped Mexcico gain their freedom! So after the President of Mexico would say someones name we would say ¡Viva! It was a lot of fun! Then we all had to rush home to get in bed before it got too late! I will never forget that experience!
Okay so the joke!!! Its all in Sapnish too! I hope you guys get it and think its as funny as I did
Tocar Tocar ( knock knock)
Quien es?
Barbie and
Barbie and quien!!
Hahahaha get it?? No...Yes? Well I just thought Id share it with you guys just so you know I havent lost my sense of humor! If anyone wants to share un chiste con me...itd be a okay!! :)
Well I love you guys to the stars and back! Until next week!!
Hermana McIntyre

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