Monday, July 7, 2014

Always speedy fast!

Time is flying in every aspect! This week flew by! I feel like I just was here sitting at the computer writing you guys! My mission is flying by as well cuz I am almost down to 7 months left! Isn't that crazy?? Also, transfers are in 1 week and that's the craziest thing. I feel like I just got put with Hermana Argueta! And now I might have to leave with 3 baptisms planned for the week after I leave...sad right? but maybe Ill stay! I hope that this week was great for you guys and that you all enjoyed the 4th. I have to tell you that it was quite sad to be out of the country on Independence day where nobody knows how awesome the day should be! But luckily the Bishops wife is awesome and called me and said, Happy 4th of July! Even in English!! :) It made me happy. Shes ( and her family) are awesome and way funny. Bishop is a talk show radio host for sports and sleeps all during the meetings! haha its quite funny!

This week was a rough one with the work. WE just could seem to find many lessons. The people here with the cold just don't know how to handle it and lock themselves up with all the clothes they have put on their bodies and their trusty crocs! :) So nobody like to open doors and only come to the window to tell you to come back another day when its not so cold....well that'll be in like September so....haha they're funny. But even though this week was rough we got through and we able to see our efforts pull through with 3 people in church! :) So all in all, it was rough, but worth it! 
We were able to do service for a family that their house in beneath water, (like most of the houses) As you can see everything is built with super thin wood and nails...not too sturdy but its all they have and it was fun!!
 This week was also filled with doctors and hospitals. My knee problem came back worse and now I have this super weird spot on my hand thats growing and hurts..Ill see what it is tomorrow.haha ohhhh Paraguay! :) The doctor said that with my knee its the same thing but my knee is rebellious and doesn't want to heal so I have to do MORE physical therapy and take more
We were able to have 2 activities this week with the YM and YW this week and they loved it! For one I made this cake(see pic) and they all loved it! :) It has kit-kats on tops!! :) SOO yummy! 
I taught Mirian and Eduardo how to make Gorilla Poops and they loved them! They were amazed about the no bake part and now want to make them and sell them! haha :) They're the best! I will for sure miss them!
I love you guys tons and hope that this next week is an awesome one!! Always look for the blessings in every part of your lives. :)
Hermana McIntyre

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