Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Watch out for Catholic Priests!

  Well I didnt get too many letters from you all this week but I will just tell myself that you were all too excited to write me that you fainted and had to be taken to the hospital! Thank you to the faithful ones! haha Well this week a titch harder...we are struggling so bad with getting people to come to church. They all say that its too hot and that its too far away..yeah. Well I know that everything is on the Lords time and if its their time, He will push them out of their beds and into church. Lorena is SO hard to find. She's studying right now and had tests all this week. Then she was sick this weekend and so she couldnt come to church or the baptism for the other missionaries in our ward. And Arturo was sick also. Its very strange how they all seem to get sick on the same day....but I know that I need to have faith and believe in them! We are trying real hard to find more people that are ready and prepared to listen to us.
  This Saturday was a baptism of a girl named Coral and I was invited to sing I Love to Look for Rainbows! It was way fun and the baptism was awesome. Shes 10 years old and was so excited to be baptized.
  We were invited to a meeting with all of the YM and YW in the ward for missionary work and it was way fun and awesome! They are way awesome and excited about the work!
  Oh..random thought. We were contacting this old man and he started going off about the Catholic Church and how amazing it is and then he paused and said to me, You gotta be careful cuz you look like the Virgen Mary and the priests are gonna snatch you up! hahaha Ive never been told that before but ... thank you..haha Oh the people here are so awesome!
  I GOT ALL OF YOUR LETTERS!!!!!!! And I loved them all!! :) I smiled so big while I was reading them ALL! I love you all so much and THANK YOU!! Even though my district was pretty jealous! :)
  Happy Birthday Dad and Luke!!! Have an amazing week and I will be thinking of you both on your birthday! I love you tons and wish I could be there to celebrate!
  Please keep my investigators in your prayers! They need lots of strength!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre
We bought ourselves a treat for Valentines Day! It was a good day.

All the YM & YW from the ward.

Angelica on splits with us!

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