Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm alive!!

Okay I'm really sorry for the freak out! I thought I would have time to write you all but the city buses here are not all that reliable and the temple is a lil far away so we only had time to buy food and then jet to our lessons! I'm sorry!! But this week was way good as well as the last! Our investigators aren't progressing so we decided to drop them and find new ones! We visited an old investigator and he wants to come to church again and his aunt is now living with him and she loves the lessons we have with them so far! haha we had a lesson a lesson of the Law of Chastity and she was lovin it! I don't think Ive ever taught someone so excited about the Law of Chastity! haha But...bueno! :)

Today I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!! :) I read it all the way through! Its amazing how fast I have learned Spanish! I can understand the people almost 100 % and I can speak as well and understand the scriptures! I am so grateful for the help of the Lord. :)

OH! Soo last week I was in the hospital for my physical therapy for my knee (which is much better thanks!! ) and then something really weird happened and my mind blanked and my left side went all numb. They took me to the ER and I had to stay in the hospital for a day and night to do studies...yeah..but now I'm great!! Nothins wrong just a freak thing. Kinda funny though! I sure did catch up on my sleep! That's a plus right?

I have been praying and praying and praying for moisture for the farm and mountains so I am so glad to hear that its been snowing!!! :) That's so awesome! Heavenly Father really does know our needs! I read in Helaman 11:13, 17 and thought of you guys! :)

I'm sorry to hear that the super bowl wasn't that exciting..I hope the next one is better and I am sad that I missed the endowment of Jess. That is so great that you guys could be together in the temple and I know that one day we will all be together in the temple one day! :)

I love you guys so much and I hope this letter finds you all super happy! Have an awesome week! Love you tons!!!
Hermana McIntyre

Heres the temple in Paraguay. So pretty!!

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