Monday, February 10, 2014

A week of burnt lips & keeping the faith.

Well this week was definitely better than the last! And I finally finished Physical Therapy!! Now I just have one more appointment to get another x ray and then the doctor will say if im good to go or not! :) It really feels much better! But then I woke up on Thursday to huge red blistery lips!!! Yeah...not the cutest thing. I was thinkin that I got a sunburn but one of the members told me that I had an internal fever..seriously I have one problem after then next. I take it that great things are in store and that Satan is tryin his best to get me down! But its not gonna work!
This week was great for the work. We are able to teach lots of lessons every day and found 13 new people this week. One including Lorena! She is THE BEST!! Shes 19. One day I had to go to the bathroom soo bad and no body was letting us in their house..I was getting really frustrated. Then someone that we contacted popped into my mind. She lived kinda far away but we decided to head for her house. She wasn't there but her sister was and we just started talking and getting to know her. After it all she told us that she wanted to learn about our church and go to church with us!! We were so excited because we have been having problems with getting people to church. Don't they know that its their salvation on the line?? Well on Sunday as we were walking to her house she called us to tell us that her boss called her in to work and that she couldn't come with us. I was so frustrated!! I know that this is a trial of my faith and that I wont be able to see miracles until AFTER the trial of my faith! So I'm gonna keep pushing strong and wait for the miracle. If you guys could keep Lorena in your prayers that would be awesome!! :)
I gave my first talk here in Paraguay! I was so nervous but I got a lot of compliments so I think that liked it. I talked about the importance of Missionary Work! Who coulda guessed?? haha But really, its SO important. I don't know why I didn't realize it when I was younger. But I sure know it now! 
I love you all so much and pray for you all every day! I am so happy that you received tons of snow and I hope it keeps up! :) Enjoy it!! Have an awesome week and remember that a missionary here in Paraguay loves you tons!!
-Hermana McIntyre

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