Monday, March 24, 2014

The Cold is Setting In!!

Its finally cooling down here in Paraguay and man do I love it!!!!!! But the bad thing is that I'm already cold at night and that's a bad sign cuz the freezing hasn't even started yet. Its still hot during the day when the suns out but when the sun isn't shining its chilly and I love it so much!
This area is pretty much the same as my other one. Not very many people are humble so its hard to enter into houses because everyone is so busy and rich..but we keep looking everyday for the people that the Lord is preparing for us. We do have one that is awesome though! Her name is Mirium and she is with a member that isn't active. They aren't married and she has 4 kids. We talked to her and have a couple lessons and she wants to get baptized really bad. The thing that is stopping her is that she needs to get married first. She told us that she would love to get married but its up to her husband. So we have a lesson with her tonight and well find out what he said! I really hope that they can get married so that she can be baptized. She is so nice and awesome! We have some others as well ( one that gives us free food as well!) but they aren't progressing much..Its kinds hard but I know that this is the Lords will and that I just have to depend on Him.
This week we got to listen to Elder Vinas from the 70 and he talked a lot of the Atonement of Christ and how it helps us be better missionaries. It was really awesome and I left with my spirits high! :) I love Zone Conferences and other special meeting that we have! I always learn so much and can feel the spirit so strongly. 
I officially have the name of Hermana Macintosh here...haha one of the counselors gave me the nickname. So on Sunday when the bishop wanted to announce that I was a new missionary in the ward, he could remember my name, so his counselor told him Macintosh...yeah, :) its better than the other missionary or Hermana difficult..Ill take it!
Well thats all I have for this week! I hope you all have a great time in the Family Reuinion! I wish I could be there to spend some time with you all! 
Rohayhu! (Guarani for I love you :)

The photo is of me and Hermana Kekoolani (who has a year in the mission) one night we played uno and ate popcorn! It was way fun and reminded me of Sunday nights! She is way awesome and we are good friends! The Lord has really blessed me with great companions! :)
The view I have from my new apartment! We have a roof that we can go on and do exercises in the morning! Its awesome!

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