Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another week gone by!

Hey!! How was your weeks? I hope you all made the best of what Heavenly Father through at you. I know that He does everything with love and perfect knowing. I learned yesterday in Relief Society on a lesson about faith, that when we feel comfortable with life, we better be looking out because something is headed our way. We are on this earth to grow and so if we feel comfortable we aren't able to grow. Growing is good! :) And end.
So this week was a super normal one for me...nothing really too exciting to share. haha sorry! Ill be sure to do somethin crazy this next week to make sure my next letter is a funnier one! But we just worked and taught and had a normal missionary week. :) Emily told me last week that I should tell you guys more about the lessons we have so here goes it:
Ivana is our investigator that is progressing a ton!! She recognizes that this church is something different and good and its where she wants her daughter to be! She reads that Book of Mormon a TON and says that it helps her be happy! :) She came to church this Sunday and loved it. Her baptismal date is for the 5th of July! (one day after the 4th, Happy 4th of July!!) But yeah, shes great!
Then there's Doroteo! haha he about 65 years old and wants to get baptized and can at any moment the only problem is is that he likes to drink with his friends...yeah 65 years old..haha but if everything goes as planned he should also get baptized on the 5th.
We had divisions this week with the sister leaders and it was super fun!! I learned that I need to be more direct with the people and just straight up tell them that if they don't get baptized in the church of Jesus Christ, they wont be able to live with God. And that's that! We also went to the ward in her area and they were having a party for San Juan and I ate cow head!!!!! It was so yummy!! But I made sure that they didn't tell me what it was until AFTER I ate it! haha
The world cup really makes it rough for Missionaries is South America....cuz EVERYONE watches it and EVERYONE drinks while doing it or don't want to come to their door....yeah. haha soccer. Its big.
Its already the middle of transfers! Isn't that nuts? Time is going by soo fast!! Hermana Argueta is great! One pic shows me makes tortillas how she taught me! yeah! Im a cookin fool! The other pic is of my hair one morning....nuts! haha I have no clue what happened. You just sleep so hard in the mission! 
I love you guys tons and hope that you have awesome weeks! And always remember that I love and miss you all! Chau!
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre


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