Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ingrown Toenails!

So this week was an interesting one! haha we didn't get much done with the missionary work but I have good excuses! First as you can see by the pics...I got a really bad ingrown toe nail that was hurting me super bad so I was sent to get it taken out! But luckily the doctor was American so it was pretty safe but now I just half a toenail! cute right?? haha but it surprisingly didn't hurt at all! I was up and walking up and down the hills here with close toed shoes after 2 days of rest doin nothing in the house...that was the worst! Who knew that in the mission bein stuck in the house is super painful!! cuz it is! And the other reason is that it was stake conference this week and so Saturday was cut in half cuz we went to the adults session. I LOVE conference! and this Gospel! :) WE had Nilda in the conference with us. (shes the mom of the two little boys that got baptized!) and if everything goes well she should get baptized this weekend! :) The work is really pickin up here is Sajonia! :)
Transfers are this week and I'm sad to have to leave Hermana Kekoolani cuz its more likely that its her time to go...but I know that I will learn a ton from my next comp! So next week you will all know that outcome! :)
Last Monday we were able to go to a HUGE farmers market!! Its sooo fun and I loved every minute of it! We went with the other elders and Mirian and Eduardo! (one of the elders is going home this week to Utah!) But it was super fun and I got some fun Paraguayin stuff!:) 
We also bought TGI Fridays this week and it was so yummy! Man do I miss american food! Especially sour cream. They dont have that here. But it was soo expesive. It turned out to be 149.000 guaranies! SUPER expensive but worth it! 
Funny story: This week as we were waiting for a bus to go to my doctors appointment, I saw a little boy walking in the sidewalk. I made a weird face at him cuz he was starin at me. He then pulled his beanie over his head, turned around and started walking back to hit mom blindfolded and ran right into a tree!!!! hahaha I tried so hard not to laugh but I just couldn't help it! It was super funny! Poor kid!
I love you guys tons and hope that you enjoy the pics! :) haha have an awesome week and always remember that someone is Paraguay misses and loves you all lots! 
Con Amor
Hermana McIntyre
D&C 45:3-5

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