Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hola Todas Las Personas!!

Me and my compenera who I love so much at the temple!!
Hola from Mexico City!!
  Man this week has flown by and it was 10 million times better than last! The Spanish is actually coming along great and GOOD NEWS! I didn't cry at all because of being frustrated with Spanish! I only cried a few times over missing your beautiful faces! :) So first of all I'm sorry If I cant reply to all of your emails! I only have an hour to get on here and email every one back! But to tell you all more about going to the Temple last week! First, forgetting my recommend wasn't such a good idea, but Presidente Pratt (the CCM pres) was able to get me one! Phew! So yes, ALL of it was in Spanish! I was able to pick up some words here and there but mostly I was just lost the whole time! They don't have the new film yet so that's a bummer but it was still great! I struggled getting a lot out of it, but I just looked to feel el Espiritu Santo and there we go! I felt it!! The Temple is beautiful as are all! So this week is basically the same as last except we aren't going to the temple but that means LOTSA free time and man do I need it! They expect so much from you here and so a day of rest (besides Sunday because Sundays we are in meetings all day too) is much needed. The plans for today are laundry, clean our room (its kinda nast and not cuz of me...juz sayin) study, email :), go to la tienda, and play volleyball with our district! Its gonna be great! Then tomorrow its back in the class room for us!
   So just to give you guys a taste of what I have to deal with, in class Hermana Molinero and Hermana Balderas ONLY speak to us in Spanish! Its a very good thing cuz it teaches us a lot fast, but its so hard! Haha so they speak to us in Spanish, we watch videos in spanish, our book are in Spanish, and to top it all off, we have to teach out investigators (our teachers in different clothes) only is Spanish with nothing but the Scriptures! No notes...nothin! You guys should really try teaching the Law of Chastity in Spanish to your teacher....yeah. Haha it is quite funny though!
   The weather is beautiful here is Mexico! Its sunny all day until about 5 and then it gets cloudy and pours!!! I love it! Then in the morning, its completely clear again and then but night its pouring! I love it sooo much! We also get earthquakes here a couple times a week. They aren't big what so ever and we cant even feel them, but a super loud alarm goes off and we all have to go outside and stand in these painted circles until they've checked all of the buildings! Haha
   So on Sunday we had a devotional by Elder Holland and man was it GOOD! He basically said that on our mission we better get to work and become completely converted cuz if we come back and not have a complete testimony of the Gospel, we've wasted our time out here. He also said that we have 200 years of tradition on our shoulders and that we better not embarrass the tradition! It kinda called me to attention cuz I've been feeling bad for myself that I'm not with my family but I will be able to be with you guys for eternity and there are people out there that don't even know that's possible! Sometimes, I'm selfish, but now I will, as Elder Holland said, pull my socks up to my armpits and get to work!!
   I have loved hearing from all of you!! You guys are amazing and I miss you with all my heart but I know this is where I'm meant to be! I love you guys! Hasta Luego!
Con Amor,
Hermana McIntyre

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