Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Months!!

I cant believe that its been 5 months! Well actually counting the weeks, 5.5 months. But who's counting?? not me! haha well this week weather wise was pretty nice! We had one day where it was actually kinda cold! It was nuts! But today its right back to normal. Tons of people are sick here cuz of the dramatic weather changes and the water is real bad right now! But luckily we have filtered water so I'm still as healthy as can be! I am so glad that we are half way done with the hottest month in the whole year here! Its weird to think that all of you are suffering in the cold and me in the heat! Enjoy it! Enjoy the heating as well cuz no one has that here! And they only have air conditioning in one room in their houses! The others are like ovens all day long! Man did I take home for granted.
This week missionary wise was better than the week before. This area that I'm in is one of the hardest in all of the mission because its one of the richest and we all know that the rich are not the humble ones! haha but the aork is still mving along! Hermana Rivera is still doing as great as ever! WE are getting to know each other more and more every day and she is so awesome! Her being catholic before and a convert works wonders! It is so diferent than with 2 blondes! haha
News of the week!! I finally got a camera!!!! POR FIN!!! (finally) I have taken a few pictures and I will try to send some today! :) Youre all very welcome! haha it was so hard to find! And I got the last one that was on a Christmas sale! Lucky me!
Something that Ive really realized in the week is the love that Heavenly Father has for us! We are His children and everything that He has given us is for our benefit! Like the Plan of Salvation, Families, homes, the Gospel, a Prophet. I love Him so much and it is so awesome being able to feel the love that He has for me and for all fo the poeople here!
I love you all so much and hope to recieve more letters next week......hint hint.....but I still love you tons! :) Enjoy every moment of every day in the things that matter most!

Hermana McIntyre
MY house. Small but cute!

Hermana Rivera!

A surprise birthday that we were invited to!

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